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The new Dantalion Jones MIND PROGRAMMING CD

"Making Mental Machines"

Making Mind Machines

Making Mental Machines is pure information with no fluff.

What you will get from this CD :

  • You'll learn how to create the powerful hypnotic state you'll need to create any mental machine you want. (You'll be surprised that you can achieve this in less than 2 minutes with our eyes wide open.)
  • You'll learn how to create an internal alarm clock that will wake you up exactly when you want. (You'll never have to awaken to that annoying alarm ever again.)
  • You'll learn how to create a mental machine that gives you boundless energy. (Imagine feeling super charged with energy doing things that used to frighten or drain you.)
  •  You'll discover how to instantly create such a powerful rapport with anyone that you could install a mental machine just by imagining it.  (This is how  others have created and installed mental machines in you!)
  • You'll learn how to directly hypnotize anyone by just asking a simple question. (It's all part of a fun experiment you will do with people.)
  • Create "opportunity alerts" to remind you when something you want is near. (Imagine programming your mind with a machine that alerts you when a potential sale prospect - or romantic partner - is close by.)
  • Create defensive machines to set off internal "red flags" when trouble is approaching. (This will be your own personal "spidey sense" that will keep you out of dangerous situations and away from crazy people.)
  • Therapists can install good and supportive mind machines that will help your clients. (This can be the most enjoyable part of your lighthearted social experiments.)     
  •  You will learn how to covertly install a mind machine in anyone you want. (Imagine being able to create a "call me" alarm in those people you want to talk to.)
  •  The most amazing part is that it's both simple and easy once you understand the concept. (Yes, it is easy... so easy you'll think it's crazy.)  
  • There is more ... a lot more.
These are methods used by the best (and worst) mind control experts to installing programs and create obedient mind control slaves.
These skills can be used for good or bad.
Please use them with kindness.

"Truly Remarkable"

I just wanted to let you know that I consider your CD "Mind Machines" truly remarkable..

Damiano L.


"Making Mental Machines' is absolutely great."

Joshua G.

Here is the list the 12 tracks on this 70 minute CD

Making Mental Machines

Only $24.95